FC Mobile New Event (Complete Events Schedule 2024)

FC Mobile’s new version has revealed the list of upcoming events in this sports game. The New Year has just started, which will bring lots of new events in FC Mobile World, the football game. This game is based on multiple amazing events like daily events, weekly events, and long-duration events.

In these events, players can enjoy leagues with different teams from all across the world such as Chelsea, Manchester matches, and Liverpool. These events are being held to amuse players and bring opportunities for earning coins in the game. By participating in these events you can not only collect coins but also expertise your skills. Let’s discuss the new events of this game and see when these events will be held in the future.  

FC Mobile New Event

FC Mobile is well-known in the sports industry because of its dynamic events and content that you can play against different teams from all across the world. If any team wins the soccer events then receive thousands of points and rewards such as team formation and coins. Moreover, these events are entertaining as well as rewarding, so soccer enthusiasts can have unlimited enjoyment while playing in these events. Let’s come and see the upcoming events in FC Mobile.

LunarJan 18, 2024
TOTYFeb 03, 2024
CarniballFeb 09, 2024
EasterMar 28, 2024
Top TransferApril 07, 2024
TOTSMay 11, 2024
UTOTSJune 13, 2024
Retro StarsJuly 27, 2024
PreseasonAugust 05, 2024

The list is longer than that of this but in this table, we have provided some main events that will come in FC Mobile.  Events may be different for other versions but a majority of events described are suitable for mobile versions. The only purpose of holding so many events is to entertain players and provide them an opportunity to improve their skills.

FC Mobile New Event

The dates we have mentioned in our table are fixed but these dates may change in the future due to some reasons. However, it is confirmed that events will be held in this game and the organization is final. So, you will enjoy playing these events in your game on the given dates.

Present Events in FC Mobile Game

FC Mobile New Event

FUT Champs

This event is specially held for those players who want to get a higher rank and collect more coins in the game. While playing these events, your team can earn lots of money and level up to make progress through the game. We also have FC Mobile Market Refresh Time information on our website.


This event is currently playing in FC Mobile; you can join this event by tapping the “Join” icon on the game. 


FC Mobile is a wonderful gaming hub in which you can perform all activities on the field. This game has a wide list of events that are arranged to entertain the players. If you are interested in this game and want to participate in enthralling game events, then download the FC Mobile MOD APK right now. You will surely love this game and the events that are organized in it to amuse players. Hopefully, you will like this post!